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The watch face displays various expressions depending on the lighting conditions. Enjoy its different looks indoors, in bright daylight, and at night.

JUNZEN timepieces

JUNZEN is a Japanese microbrand that delights in beautiful pale blue fumé dials and meticulous craftsman polishing."

Reproduction undecided, approximately 50 remaining.


JUNZEN offers watches that allow enthusiasts to express their individuality subtly while fostering a deep sense of attachment.

  • JUNZEN AKATSUKI ホワイトシルバー

    White Silver

    Matches any occasion

    Dressy color that can be used as white or silver


    Pale Blue Fumé

    A mysterious color with a bright blue base and gray gradation.


Sunray-finished dial

This dial, crafted in Japan, comes in two colors, each featuring an exquisite sunray finish that creates delicate hairline patterns radiating from the center to the edges. The honing process has been utilized to reduce glare, aiming for a balanced aesthetic that fits a variety of occasions.

The blue dial includes a gradient finish, a special touch that required reviving long-unused equipment. Please enjoy this subtle playfulness and the dial's mysterious hues.


A case that shines with craftsmanship

The case is crafted and meticulously polished by skilled artisans at a long-established workshop in Tokyo.

The high quality of the finish, a direct result of their expertise, showcases a level of beauty that speaks for itself.

It is made from SUS316L stainless steel, known for its resistance to rust and recyclability, even after decades of use.


Rare Japanese sapphire glass

There are only a few companies in Japan capable of manufacturing sapphire glass for watches. We have adopted this sapphire glass for our JUNZEN00.

Metal frame

Anticipating long-term use, we made the inner frame from metal.

Although it is for internal parts and not visible, the surface has also been treated, contributing to the appropriate weight when the watch is worn on the wrist.

自動巻ムーブメントMiyota Cal.9039

Made in Japan, thin premium movement Miyota Cal.9039

This is a slim, premium automatic movement with 4Hz eight vibrations. It's a top-tier model supplied externally by Miyota, with all its components manufactured in Japan.


Watch manufacturing situation in Japan

Small-scale watch manufacturing in Japan has lost its vigor. The words of a watchmaker, nostalgically stating, 'It used to be different back in the day...', linger in my memory. In contrast, there is a thriving environment for watch manufacturing outside of Japan.


Made in Japan, one step ahead

Inspired by the Swiss Made regulations, JUNZEN is dedicated to revitalizing Japan's small and medium-sized watch industry through a commitment to using Japanese-made components for every part of our watches. With the exception of the strap and a few components like O-rings which we couldn't source domestically, the entirety of the watch body is made in Japan.