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JUNZEN 00 automatic watch

JUNZEN 00 automatic watch

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JUNZEN: Elegantly Polished Cases and Beautiful Dials

Wouldn't you like to be among the first to own a JUNZEN watch?

The JUNZEN00 is an automatic wristwatch that adds elegance to your wrist.

It strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and playfulness, never too flashy nor too subdued.

Notice the beautifully polished case crafted by skilled artisans and the deep, richly colored Bright Blue Fumé dial.

The watch face changes expressions with the light, offering different looks indoors, in bright daylight, and at night.



Quality Rating: 4.75 Points

In a survey among our crowdfunding backers, as of November 23, 2023, the quality rating stood at 4.75 out of 5.


A Message from a JUNZEN00 Owner

Dear Hiroki! Today I got my Junzen watch, it´s now on my wrist. I must say; what a beauty! Your craftmansship is marvellous, I adore all Japanese because of your seriosness of datail, your watch is certainly a great proof of that attitude.

I love to watsh the making og a Katana or the way you treat your environment ecolocically, your watchis in the same tradition, I´m so happy to have a watch of your making.
As you understand I´m a great admirer of Japanese tradition and I think you follow that up perfectly.
Your strive for perfection should be something we Swedes should strive for as well, you combine beauty with perfect something that work practically and with beauty all the time.
I´m really impressed that you manage to pruduce a watch of this caliber to the price you do. I honor you and your crew for this achievement!

H.H. - Sweden 



White silver

A versatile and elegant shade that can appear white or silver depending on the lighting.

Bright blue fumé

A mysterious hue with a light blue base and a gray gradient accent.


Details of the Components

A case that shines with craftsmanship


The case is crafted and meticulously polished by skilled artisans at a long-established workshop in Tokyo.

The exceptional finish, a testament to their expertise, showcases a beauty that speaks for itself.

Made from SUS316L stainless steel, it is resistant to rust and recyclable, ensuring durability even after decades of use.

Sunray-finished dial 

Each dial features an exquisite sunray finish, creating delicate hairline patterns radiating from the center to the edges.

The honing process reduces glare, achieving a balanced aesthetic suitable for various occasions.

The blue dial includes a gradient finish, a special touch made possible by reviving long-unused equipment.

Enjoy the subtle playfulness and the dial's mysterious hues.

 Metal frame

Anticipating long-term use, we crafted the inner frame from metal.

Though it is an internal part and not visible, the surface is treated for quality.

This ensures the watch provides an appropriate weight when worn on the wrist.

Rare Japanese sapphire glass


There are only a few companies in Japan capable of manufacturing sapphire glass for watches. We have adopted this high-quality sapphire glass for our JUNZEN00.

 4Hz Citizen Miyota Cal.9039


This is a 4Hz thin automatic winding movement. It is a high-end model externally supplied by Miyota, with all components manufactured in Japan.

 A serial number with a time motif


Onshore manufacturing

JUNZEN produces nearly all of its watch components in Japan, ensuring proper quality control. This commitment supports the country's small and medium-sized watch industry, helping to prevent its decline.


Select a Strap

Choose a strap according to the circumference of your wrist.

- JUNZEN Tochigi leather, suitable for wrists up to 17.5cm, 6.8" (left in the image)
- Morellato calf leather, suitable for wrists up to 19cm, 7.48" (right in the image)
- Morellato calf leather, suitable for wrists up to 21cm, 8.2" (right in the image. Shipped detached)

The lug width is 20mm, compatible with many commercially available straps.

Fully hand stitched straps:

- JUNZEN Entirely Hand-Stitched strap Tochigi Cow Leather

- JUNZEN Entirely Hand-Stitched strap Cordovan

Suitable for wrists up to 19cm, 7.48"

Each stitch is boldly and beautifully crafted by hand, showcasing the high level of skill and authentic hand-stitching techniques.

Front Side: Tochigi Leather (Cowhide) / Cordovan
Back Side: Zermatt (Calf)



  • Bezel Diameter: 38mm
  • Water Resist 3ATM 
  • SUS316L stainless steel case, expertly polished.
  • Miyota Cal. 9039 4Hz automatic movement
  • Sapphire crystal glass back

    Chat Support for Dial & Strap Selection

    If you have any questions or need assistance with choosing the dial color or strap, please feel free to contact us through our chat service.



    Ships within 3 business days.

    Worldwide Free shipping.

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    Customs duties and other charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

    We use DHL GoGreen Plus service as part of our commitment to aiming towards climate-neutral shipping.


    Two-Year Warranty

    If the movement fails within two years despite proper use according to the instructions, we will repair it under our policy. Even after two years, we will do our best to repair your watch using specialized parts crafted by skilled watchmakers.

    We hope the JUNZEN00 will adorn your wrist for many years to come.

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